Self-managed Super

Self-managed Super

Under current Australian superannuation laws Superannuation Funds are the investment vehicle of choice for many Australian retirees and those approaching retirement. Not surprisingly with mediocre returns and high management fees from retail and industry superannuation funds an increasing number of Australians are choosing to take control of their own superannuation savings and manage their superannuation balances through a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF)

We provide the following SMSF services

SMSF Setup

From the start Charter Group can assist you understand the SMSF structure and be aware of your role and responsibilities as Trustees of your new superannuation fund. We can create your new fund in just a few hours.

SMSF Administration

Administering a SMSF can be complicated and onerous for the Trustees (you). With Charter Group you can do as much or as little of the administration as you like, meaning fees and costs will be tailored to meeting your requirements.

SMSF Audit

All SMSF's are required to have annual audit. Where appropriate Charter Group will provide the necessary audit services or outsource those services to an independent auditor.

SMSF Property Investment

Changes to Superannuation Law mean that SMSF's can now borrow funds to purchase a property. Charter Group can guide you through the complex processes and requirements needed to comply with the rules.

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