Risk Management

Risk Management

Charter Group believes that a successful financial plan is built on a solid foundation which incorporates a sound 'risk management' approach.

When unexpected events take place in our lives, they could alter the direction of our plans.

You can safeguard your financial security by using insurance to stabilize the impact of an untimely death, accident or sickness.

These principles are embodied within our risk management products and services.

At Charter Group we believe that insurance does not have to be confusing and that client education is key.
As independent advisors, we provide thorough and unbiased information. We tailor a combination of products and concepts which can resolve our clients' financial security needs

We provide the following insurance

Income Protection

Income insurance offers protection for your income. The purpose of this insurance is to provide you with a benefit in the event of disablement through sickness or injury.

life Insurance

Life insurance provides your estate with a lump sum in the event of death or terminal illness.

Trauma Insurance

Trauma insurance will provide you with a lump sum on diagnosis of a specified medical condition.

Total and Permanent Disability

Total and Permanent disablement benefit provides you with a lump sum if you are permanently unable to work again.

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